Insulation Slot-head screwdriver

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Knife rod is made of high-quality Cr-V alloy steel, made by heat treatment under vacuum conditions, tool edge hardness is HRC52-56.

The handle is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. It is made of TPV+PP dual-color material with 12 organic solvents, which is resistant to oil and alcohol lamp. It does not contain lime powder.

Acquired German electrical technology association VDE certification.

Product passed the following test:

Withstand voltage test: each product is subjected to 12 seconds of 10000v voltage without breakdown test.

Torsion test: with 80% rated torque as the set value, the general service life is 10,000 to 20,000 times.

The temperature test: It can also be used in harsh conditions of 80-40 degrees, and the handle passed impact test intact.

Fire resistant test: the insulated sheath of the knife rod passed the 20-second alcohol torch combustion test.

Tensile tests: After 168 hours at 70 degrees, the handle passed the corresponding load tension test.

Lifetime warranty (The insulation layer is not covered)

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